Tuesday, October 9, 2007


When you blow your head off at the little things, you know you're not in good shape. Like just now I was trying to sign in to blogspot so I could write this here post and the cursor wasn't already positioned in the space designed for bloggers to enter their usernames. I was like, WTFFF (What the fuckity fuck fuck)? And about an hour ago, I tried to pull down one of the shades on my windows, and the cord whipped around the dowel like a hamster on crack. Now it's stuck. And everyone can see me at all times.

Oh, my life is just so great sometimes.

And there's that film paper. I finally--FINALLY!--have a thesis, but the whole writing the paper thing is sort of eluding me at the moment. So I decided to write on my blog instead and try to loosen up, because this is my first paper and for some reason I'm really nervous. I don't know, it's not like that creepy lady from the movie is going to jump off my computer screen and slash my throat, but this is the first formal essay I've written since I took my AP English exam. In May. So that's...almost half a year. Wow.

The cool thing is, the weekly film challenge theme for MFA (Muhlenberg Film Association) is cats. My idea, of course.

Wouldn't it be great if MFA stood for Mighty Fine Ass?


Anthony said...

Don't sweat the small stuff. Sweat the big stuff, if you must sweat stuff at all. Either way, just don't sweat on me.

Cats are amazing. So is the color red.

MFA should stand for Mighty Fine Ass. I shall make a formal request for a name change at the next meeting.

Madeline said...

Fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Same cool, fun neighbor said...

"MFA should stand for Mighty Fine Ass"... Ummm.... can you hear me laughing out loud over here??? I'm crying..... this is sooooo funny!!!!!!!!