Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Place Between

"I've been all over the world since you called," my mom gushes into the phone to an old friend.

This is a bit of an overstatement, unless you also believe Montana, our home state, and Oregon, where we've been on vacation, make up the entire world. Disclaimer--we don't live in Montana, and we didn't vacation in Oregon, but I don't want to give away my actual location. I mean, God, you already know where I go to school. I don't want to issue a bona fide stalker invitation.

Um, so we have been traveling a bit. Home and all else kind of blended together; driving sleepily down the highways I would lay claim to towns. "Chesterton," I'd think, "We have one of those, too," before realizing that it was my own. And that I'm in my piece of the world after all.

When I think about it, I realize that I have a certain fondness for journey films anchored in the distance between. Cold Mountain, Seven Years in Tibet, Far and Away, even A Little Princess. And I remember being twelve and coming home from Cape Cod and blinking with the exhaustion of home sickness, eyes trailing lines on a map. And then you get home and settled in and it is only a matter of minutes before you look at your couches, your sunny walls, and sigh to leave again.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Herbalhead games

Yeah, so I haven't been lazy or anything with blog upkeep these past few weeks. I don't answer to anyone but... my mom.

I have been keeping plenty busy. For example, this evening I spent several seconds puzzling over my Herbal Essences drama clean refreshing shampoo conditioner answer. Here's the thing: apparently in a (decidedly lame) effort to cross-promote the brand's conditioner, Clairol has taken to printing random useless factoids ("Herbalhead games") on its shampoo and conditioner bottles in the form of question and answer. Thus on my current bottle I find the alluring "On average, who do you talk to more than anyone else? Find out on Drama Clean Conditioner", flanked by the even more captivating and mysterious "Conditioner answer: pants".

Wouldn't the answer differ from person to person? I talk to my cat more than anyone else, but I doubt this fact will be recognized as universal*. And though I'm mildly intrigued as to what could provoke the egregiousness of 'pants' I'm not going to drive to the A&P to find out. At least not tonight.

*disclaimer: I made that up. I only talk to my cat occasionally.