Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My LIFE!!! AHhhhh...

Have you ever been present at the moment when the sky at dusk preaches an enamel glaze of colors, and clouds carved like marble? If there are buildings in the foreground, they are made more majestic in the light, as if placed inside a seashell. I was walking back from the GQ today (no, I lied, a couple days ago), thinking about autumn and the collective unconscious, when I was met with such a sunset. I whipped out my cell phone and waited as it powered up, but the light was draining away. I took a picture anyway, but it was cheap and just wrong somehow. I ruined it, and the picture came out all dark and scraggly. I took an epic and reduced it to a cartoon. Not that there's anything wrong with cartoons. So instead of posting that awful photo, I wrote this entry. Cause I'm cool like that.

I also made origami at my hall meeting yesterday!!! But my mommy would be ashamed. I tried making a crane. My friend Hannah, who's half Scottish and half Moroccan (just had to throw that in there), says that the crane is supposed to resemble the artist. So I'm basically fucked.

According to this theory, I look like the illegitimate child of a crinkly chicken and a lollipop.

If only I had a picture.

Why didn't I get the camera thingy installed on my laptop? WHY?!?!


CAS said...

The true experience can only be captured by the soul.

Anonymous said...

if the crane is supposed to resemble the artist, then I MY DEAR, resemble a crumpled-up ball of sad pink paper...

KIM said...

I think they should rename it the GHQ. as in General's Hindquarters. that'd be awesome. and quite fitting for this blog, considering it's called "Oh My God, Your Ass is HUGE." although if the 'berg was located in germany, then it'd have to be the GHT, i.e., General's Hinderteil. which isn't that farfetched of an idea, as the etymology of the word "muhlenberg" is german. i think it translates as "mountain town" or something.

wouldn't it be weird if my name was Babs?

"weird" is an annoying word because it totally doesn't follow the "ie = [e]; ei = [i]" pronunciation rule. and you should get all fervent-like and agree with me. because of your last name. which i neglect to mention here because i'm not sure if you're one of those people who gets all panicky if their last name is mentioned on the internet. sentence fragments.

wow. for the amount of crap i just posted here i could have totally filled up a blog of my own. but that's just not how i roll.