Saturday, October 13, 2007

Finally Home!

Walking into one's home for the first time in one and a half months is a very surreal, almost postmodern experience (I've given up on the spelling of that word. For an informed discussion, see John Barth's Further Fridays). I had forgotten that the shades in my room were just as broken as the shades in my dorm room (wow, I have TWO rooms!), but at least the windows in my room at home have curtains. They're nice and green. It makes my room look like a jungle in Argentina when the sun shines. Not that there are any jungles in Argentina.

I am happy to have home cooked meals again. I am happy to have a personal bathroom. I am happy to live in a space that doesn't look like an industrial plant. I don't have to hear drumming and shouts of "one, two, three, four" coming from the dance studio.

The bathroom in my dorm, while nice and functional, is certainly not built with aesthetics in mind. And Brown is the most aesthetically pleasing dorm in general, so I'd hate to think what bathrooms in other dorms must look like.

It's really nice to be able to type with some control again. On my laptop, which I left at school, the cursor keeps moving around without me touching it. So if I wrote that sentence on my laptop, the cursor would have moved, say, from the 'o' in 'around' up to the 'a' in happy, and the rest of the sentence, unless I paid close attention, would look like "I am haund without me touching it to live in a space that doesn't look like an industrial plant." It's a very strange phenomenon. I don't really know what to make of it. My pinkee hurts.

I'm really writing this to avoid the mountain of homework I should be working on. Luckilly, I have my cats to keep me even more distracted.


Your totally cool, fun neighbor!!!! said...

Oh, My Katie!!! We love you so much! Your title to this blog had me ROLLING with laughter!!!! Thank you for coming to visit us today. (in your socks no less) a girl after my own heart. I must say, I can relate with the "curser all over the place problem" In fact, I am experiencing it NOW!!!!! Got to love the laptops!!! Love ya Kates!!! Come visit me and the furries when you come home again!!! We Love you!!!! (you might have flashbacks when I yell "one, two, three, four"...out the window!!!!!

Madeline said...

Holy crap, I can just imagine what that's like, because the longest I've been away from home so far is like a week and I came home and was like: "DID I LIVE HERE ONCE?" It was weird.