Sunday, October 7, 2007

But I couldn't see you! The glass was frosted.

I just clicked on the "New Post" button and realized that I don't really know what to write for today. Ummm...thanks for taking my poll. It appears that Um, Friday is a clear winner. And whoever voted Friday is incredibly boring.
Guess what, guys? My mommy started a blog! She's an artist, and she posts pictures of what she makes, and I comment. You should check it out at .
I did so much creative shizz on Friday and yesterday that I really have nothing left for this blog. Sorry. I felt pretty prolific, though. I made part of a film, wrote two scenes, watched a creepy movie called Don't Look Now. If I was younger, I probably would've obeyed the title and missed the movie, but we HAD to watch at least the first seven minutes of it for my Film class. I went through maple syrup (hell is a term far overused) trying to get the library to give it to me again. I checked it out yesterday and watched that opening sequence about three times (on the third time I broke down every shot. It took about an hour) because we have to write a paper on it. Then I returned it, before the time limit of two hours given to reserved materials forcibly ripped it from my fragile hands. And I came back yesterday, and they let me have it again, but noted that the computer claimed it hadn't been returned and that I now owed them 2 million dollars. Okay, 2 dollars. But it's the principle of the thing. They knew it wasn't true because the movie was shelved and I obviously didn't remove it from the library or forget to return it. So they had to figure out how to remove the charge from my account. It was fun! I've had problems with the library before, like I paid them 8 dollars for returning Man with a Movie Camera five days late (but I swear it was due October 2, not September 27!). That was even more of a party.
So I'm not going to write about the movie just yet, in case anyone from my film class is prowling around here without my knowledge. Hey guys!
Okay, so when I actually get my paper back and graded, I promise I'll write something. Maybe.
By the way, the title of this post has nothing to do with this post. I just love The Producers. (I almost wrote the phrase "Post title" but then realized that could be taken as the words after the title which is the post itself. Circular reasoning, indeed).


cindy silverstein said...

dear katie s

you really have to watch those libraries. they are out to get your money every time.

thank your for plugging my blog.
you and maddie inspired me. thanks guys.

Madeline said...

You know what? Everyone should have a blog. Well, almost everyone. But I feel that more people should learn to appreciate the Power and the Glory of the Blogz.

Ah, school, why must you always get in the way of my blogz?

Kurt said...

Hey Katie! I read your Blog for the first time. Sick! Anyway, I'll check up on it every once and a while. I watched the movie scene like 5 times today, and I realized that the greater symbolism lies in the little boy's left ear. In the first shot it is seen from a 47 degree angle, then the next time you see him it is shot at a 23 degree angle. DON'T YOU SEE? IT IS SO OBVIOUS! LOOK BEYOND THE EAR!