Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love Song

If anyone knows the German word that is used to describe the anxious feeling you get by looking at open cabinets, let me know.

That's probably not a very semantically correct description, but it's the best I can do.

I have intended for some time now to write about my favorite love songs of the moment, so....

1) "Suzanne", by Judy Collins

This is weird in the same way that my cat liking plastic bags is weird. It's about crazy people "touching your perfect body with their minds". Yeah. Good song.

2) "Warning Sign", by Coldplay

Story of my life. Not really, I just like saying that. But it's what I play after I've suffered a breakup, or some shit like that.

3) "Mrs. Darcy", by whoever wrote the Pride and Prejudice soundtrack (I'm referring to the Focus Features film)

Or really the entire soundtrack. It's all a love song. I like to play it on the way to class, especially if I'm wearing pants tucked into leather riding boots.

4) "Let Me Take You Home Tonight", by Boston

Ok, not really a love song, per say. More like the " my pants" game we played when we were young teens. And still play, unabashedly, today.

5) Any of McCain's speeches


ummmm except not k I'm done now

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cindy silver said...

I get that German word feeling on a regular basis. Not only from open cabinets, but from: open drawers (makes sense), open closet doors (ditto), crooked pictures and area rugs, chairs that aren't pushed under the table, scrunched up towels hanging on towel bars,listening to Sarah Palin tell how she said "no" on that bridge to nowhere and frankly, anything she says.