Friday, September 26, 2008


So I was walking back from class one evening with a friend who shall remain anonymous--okay, it was Jon--and he mentioned his uneasiness at the state of the half-moon as of late.

J: It's tilted.
Me: Yeah?
Me: I know.
J: It's supposed to be 12 to 6, like the hands of a clock.
Me: No...
J:Global warming. We're totally screwed.
Me: No, Jon, I think it just does that...

And right about then, I heard a rustling to my right. We paused. Black, white, fluffy. Undulating along the line of bushes that borders the library.

Me: Move away, very, very, slowly.
Jon: (silence)

And that is how we didn't get sprayed by a skunk on Sunday night.

Yes, I have class on Sunday.

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