Sunday, November 11, 2007

Life in Greenland

During a bout of procrastination yesterday, I left the ice cave that some call my dorm room to slink, unnoticed, along the walls of those brightly lit corridors still barking with brash Halloween decorations (maybe I spelled it right this time?). While slinking, I noticed a sign that whispered (for the letters were very small, and the sign itself was hiding between two bolder ones) "Heating Instructions: Brown Hall."

Heating instructions?

Ummm...what? Like it doesn't just come on automatically?

So I turned it on, and it hissed at me like a cat and smelled funny, too, but it was heat and it was wonderful. Then I went to sleep.


Anthony said...

What happened then? HUH?

Madeline said...

Ah. Your dorm and my dorm should get together and have a child, and then maybe that child would be some sort of temperature that humans can tolerate.

I.e., my dorm is too hot.

Re: Iceland, you know you can get Fullbright Scholarships ANYWHERE, and also, SLC will send you wherever the hell you want even if there's no program there. I could go with SLC and you could hide in my suitcase. Or send yourself in a cardboard box like that guy did.