Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Liveblog--State of the Union and Responses

So I came in about 15 minutes late to the broadcast. The president was talking about Sputnik. Or maybe he wasn't, but he was saying something about how the U.S. needs to pick itself up (I hate gendering the country, so no 'herself' here) and compete in the global economy, especially against China. There was a lot of inspirational rhetoric meant to propel the American people into a fervor of competition. I'm sure we'll hear a lot of talk from Glenn Beck about how he's using communist tactics or whatever to make the U.S. a duplicate of China or Soviet Russia.

I was thrilled that Obama payed special attention to education. It worries me, as always, that the measures of "academic success" will likely depend on test scores. I'm hoping that Obama will keep the plans tailored to each individual district--hopefully, this will enable teachers to address issues of intersectionality, language, lgbt, and minority rights. Oh, and sex education. Like that's ever gonna happen, but I'm hopeful.

I was upset that Obama concluded with a nod to the myth of meritocracy. Yeah, you made it. And so did Joe Biden. And John Boehner. So what? Everyone can achieve the American Dream now? And what was all that about the military? I don't support wars based in opportunism. Well, I don't really support wars at all. But he really whitewashed that whole debate.

And is it really true that not a single person in the room would rather call another country their home? Did they conduct a poll?

And now I'm watching the Republican counteraddress. Blah, blah, blah. Actually, he had some good points at the beginning, if you're a moderate. Which I'm not. But to say that "open-ended" health-care coverage is too much is disgusting. And as for his promise to replace HCR with a cheaper, more effective solution, I say--show me. Not that I believe you.

Republicans and libertarians, it seems, care more about the theory of government than actual citizens.

Yeah, yeah.

Blah, blah, personal responsibility, blah. That's become my least favorite phrase in the English language.

The Greatest Nation on Earth, blah.

Wait....Reaganomics helped the poor?? Bullshit. That Welfare Queen myth is never going away thanks to that man.

Oh wait, here comes Bachmann.

Tea Party apparently a force of good.

Spend, spend, spend. Failed stimulus.


Ooh, a chart!!!

Wishing she were more crazy right now. It'd be more entertaining.

Where did her Gabrielle Giffords ribbon go??

They're telling us which lightbulbs to buy!!! How did I know this would come up? Because helping the environment is un-American, you know.

World's finest healthcare? Lie.

"Obamacare"? Check.

Free-market solutions. Check.

"Obamacare". Check, again.

Highest corporate tax rate in the world? Good.

Anyone remember that this woman once said that not all cultures are equal?

"Just the creation of this nation itself was a miracle". Yeah, a miracle of Native genocide.

Can't stomach any more. 

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