Thursday, February 12, 2009


First off let me just say that the level of wind on this campus right now is literally gale force. I've been blown!


Um. So I went to Kate's house yesterday at 7 because I wanted to surprise her...she had just finished a paper, and wasn't answering my calls, so I popped in unannounced, only to remember that she was in class. So I waited on the couch for her to come back.

I later learned that she stood for some time outside my dorm window, wondering if I was in my room, so hiding in her house wasn't so creepy in comparison. When she came back she said she'd already told a friend she'd visit, so I waited on the couch until she got back again, at 11. Yeah. During her outing, I spent quality time with my ipod (or ipood as we like to call it) and my closed eyelids. After sleeping for a couple hours, I turned on the tellie and caught the end of Tool Academy (which is all sorts of awesome) and back-to-back episodes of The Girls Next Door!

Shut up, I was tired.

I learned that some people consider the girls "good role models". A mother brought her daughter, who had just turned 18, to the mansion for a surprise. It was all sorts of creepy, and they were all like, don't leave her alone with Hef, she's legal! And I was all like, even if she wasn't...But anyway, then the girls went to a spa for mother's day with their moms and grandmas, and every three minutes one of them would say "It's so great that three generations of women can spend this day together!"

Then they went to New Orleans and flashed everyone and Bridget was really excited when they hosed down the street and she said "It smells like...lemon! That's really cool." And then Kendra was really sad that no one could see her boob job because she was sick. And they had this charity ball or whatever, but all they wanted to do was "go to the REAL party tomorrow!" They are role models, people. ROLE MODELS.

As for the picture, it's the least slutty one I could find. I don't want to get thrown out of the library on pornography charges, not in this wind.

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Madeline said...

Re: Bones, I tried it, once, but then it got a little too weird. I was like, "Why is Zooey Deschanel's sister talking to that man-sized block of wood? Is she supposed to be psychotic or something?" Then I realized it was just David Boreanaz.