Saturday, July 19, 2008

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George Kelly said...

A link to an unavailable youtube interesting!

Is it perhaps supposed to symbolize the self-centeredness of our society? Whenever we seek help from another, all too often are they unavailable at the time, which always means not a chance in hell.

Or, perhaps it is a cry against censorship? This amazing video was taken from the people who so rightly deserve to bask in its glory!

Then again, maybe it is meant to illustrate our dependancy on technology? I am sure many people viewing the link would be distressed to see the error message...perhaps Ms. Silver intends to make that a small scale model of what will happen when our technology fails us, or replaces us.

Who knows what the truth is...surely no one knows. No one but the author of this blog at least...and she is a mystery of even greater depth. So I say, bravo! Whatever your message may have been, you have given us the greatest philosophical conundrum of this century...nay, in the history of the philosophical arts!