Thursday, January 24, 2008

Blood Will be Spilt II

I realized a little while ago that a pit doesn't always have to be bottomless. Does that mean that my stomach has a pit? I don't believe so. To me, a pit is something that's between 15 feet and 15,000 feet deep. And though my ability to consume entire pizzas in one sitting may lead others to believe that my small frame belies one whopper of a pit, I think my stomach is a little shorter than 15 feet. Although, maybe with the intestines...

Anyway. People use 'pit' in lots of strange ways. The pit of my stomach. The bottomless pit. Brad Pitt. The pit of a fruit.

That's about it.


So, who wants to know what classes I'm taking this semester?!?!

  1. Film 388: Major Filmmakers: Antonioni and Bergman
  2. Theater 262: Costume Design I
  3. Music 902: Voice lessons
  4. Physical Education 050: Principles of Fitness and Wellness
  5. Math 104: Statistical Methods
  6. First Year Seminar 250: Wearing the Uniform

Wow...I ranked them without even noticing. My favorite is one, and my least favorite...well, you get the idea. Anyway, they're great. And there's not much more I can say in case my professors are on the prowl.


I must say that my Antonioni and Bergman class is quite possibly the most dynamic, heart-racingly thrilling class I've taken. This is probably due to the fact that it's an elective, so everyone who's taking it wants to...take it. We saw The Seventh Seal last week (a chick flick about furry little LA water park animals...only not...) and L'avventura (which is, like, fashion conscious and more like The Rules of the Game than anything I've seen before).

Yeah, them. But I'd def recommend The Seventh Seal, especially if you're a Woody Allen fan. Then you must watch the latter's Love and Death.

More on classes later...I have to apply for summer internships.

Oh, but first...I titled this blog because I didn't remember writing a Blood Will be Spilt part I, but the little thingy that fills in your words for you when you type did.

I hope you know what I'm talking about.

Quote of the day:

Jarred (my director): So, as you can see, this script still has a lot of kinks I need to work out.

Me: Yeah, it's pretty kinky.


Jeff said...

Your class list... "which of these things is not like the other?" LOL, statistical methods, it does not fit. But what is the "wearing uniform" class??!??

You "pitted" your classes against each other and Film388 won. Another "pit" use, I win!

Jeff ;-)

Anthony said...

Pit backwards is tip. I'd be a palindrome if it were pip instead of pit. But you can't always get what you want, especially in grammar.

Fuzzy handcuffs are pretty kinky.