Wednesday, September 2, 2009

insert band here

Every time I think of a name for my band (read: me, five lines of lyrics, and garageband), it's already in use, according to google.

My first attempt was Runaway Suitcase, which I believed encapsulated both an escape from daily life and the contradictory desire to hold onto something familiar.

Then I found the page of a Christian Rock band--The Runaway Suitcases.

Skip ahead one month--today I was doing my homework/napping/listening to music (I am a serious multitasker) and I thought suddenly of the name Nonprophet

Of course it's already an atheist radio show, AND a band. So shit.

I'm still thinking, but if any suggestions come to me through teh interwebs, I would give you credit on the album or mention you in a song or something. Just keep in mind that probably no one will ever listen to it.

Oh, and the post title? That's taken, too.


Madeline said...

When I was twelve I had a fake band named C.A.I.N. I used to know what it stood for.

jonerwinharshen said...

Try "Abacaxis" for the band name

Anonymous said...

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