Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why did I get up at eight?

There was really no need. My first class is at ten. I really don't have that much homework. Then I realized---Oh! I got up so early so I could write another post for my blog! Could anything be more obvious?

To those who commented, thanks for "reading my shit", as a fellow blogger friend would say (her blog is at, check it out, it's really the highlight of my day). To those who didn't comment, since you're reading this now, I'm assuming you read my shit and just didn't, well, comment. I like comments!! They're like birthday presents. Really.

Do you know who's really funny? Sergei Eisenstein. He's another Soviet filmmaker; the first to really push the limits of montage. He defined about six different types of montage, ranging from the basic temporal to the intense intellectual. Intellectual montage was his favorite. It consists of showing two shots of completely different things that collide (metaphorically) and make a whole greater than the sum of its parts (like Gestalt psychology!) in the mind. One of my personal favorites is from October, which celebrates the (failed) October revolutions of 1905. There's this guy whose name begins with a 'K' (I think) who climbs up the same set of stairs over and over again to represent that his ascendence to head of the provisional government was really no big deal. I mean, provisional government? Please. If that's the best you can do... So anyway, then he's walking towards the door, and shots of him doing this are intercut with shots of a mechanical peacock. And Eisenstein really hits you over the head with this one. It's like "get it? K is as vain as a peacock! OMG! I'm so intelligent! Did you see it again? Get it?" And then K walks forward and there's a shot of the peacock's ass, so it's like he's, well, walking into the peacock's ass. Hmm.

But really, K. Provisional Government is just not good enough.

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